InstaEasy Review – Instagram on Steroids or a Bust?

So why InstaEasy? Despite the constant flood of new social networks there are few that have stood the test of time, these include Instagram and Facebook (both owned by FB).

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However, the problem with Facebook is that everyone and their grandma has been using it for marketing for years now. Mainly because all you have to do is run ads on it. Instagram on the other hand needs a different approach, hence it has a huge untapped potential. So instead of wasiting $$$ on FB let’s take a look how to get the traffic for free on Instagram.

Inside Peak Into The World of InstaEasy

instaeasySo Luke Maquire, aka MacGyver of Social media as I like to call him, has been cashing in on free traffic from social networks before he could even spike his hair up. I mean the guy takes a basic idea of building a buzz online and changes it into complete viral machine.

That is why I was excited to take a look at his latest creation. The cloud based Instagram software that automates pretty much every function you need to make money with it.  So what do you get with it?

  • 24/7 Instagram Automation
  • 100% set it and forget it
  • get you followers automatically
  • engages with followers automatically
  • instant results (no wait time)
  • 3 for 1 (have 3 accounts set up)
  • Build in safety and security feature (so you don overdo it)
  • 24/7 support
So what do I like about it?

What I really like about it is the total automation. As a busy guy I don’t have time to set and reset thousands different things every single day.  So InstaEasy going out there and getting me leads and commissions on auto-pilot is huge. I used other $200+ automate social media and none of them had 24/7 automation.

I also like how newbie friendly it is. It doesn’t require proxies, IPs, additional servers and so on to run it. Again most social media software require them. In result you can get started just minutes from now.

The build in safety features are time saver. Most people don’t know that but most social networks have limits on how many posts, likes and so on each account can do. With Insta Easy you don’t have to worry about that.

So what do I don like about it?

The only thing I dislike about it is the recurring payments. I, like most people, don’t like having to pay for something every month.

However, after realizing that alternative software to InstaEasy are $200 to $500 without factoring monthly costs of proxies and a server (to run 24/7) it is a great deal. It make sense, as Luke has to cover the costs of IPs and servers.

That is why I don’t mind forking up a small amount every month to have everything taken care for me. Plus you get 3 accounts per 1 InstaEasy, so you’ll get your investment back in a day or two.

The InstEasy Bonus

You know there is money on Instagram, we all do. However, what I found out is that most people don’t really know what to promote on Instagram. That is why as my bonus I’ll give you a niches that do really well on instgram

So what are you wiating for? Get InstaEasy now

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Instamate Review

Find out why you need Instamate even if you don’t have an Instagram account to create a full time income online for free. Check out the review below if you’re sick of all the social media strategies that simply don’t work.

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Also get Instamate Bonus – Content Reaper

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Why InstaMate with Instagram?

instamateNow I’ll be honest, I was never fan of Instagram and would probably never be if it wasn’t for Luke Maquire.  After having major success with his Social Autobots I decided to check Instamate and see what all the fuss is about.

Now most people have a general idea what Instagram is, a mobile photo-sharing and now video-sharing social network that is one of the faster growing ever. Not only that but it is also the hottest one for people under 25.  Are you starting to see the potential here?

Generation Z, which generally defined with birth years ranging from 1995 to 2012 the spends a whopping 8.75% of their income online. Generation Y is a close second with 5.33%. So that means anyone born in 1980’s and up spends a good portion of it online and compare to older generation this trend is going up.

genration z

Which means that more and more of gen Z and Y will be purchasing items online. Now if there was only a place where all of these fairly young people hang out at? Well, it just happens to be instagram.

Once I combine that with the power of Instagram it all made perfect sense. Now let me show you what I mean below.

Inside Review of Instamate

insta mate

On paper Instagram is one of the easiest social networks to get around on and gather likes and follows. The basic idea is that if someone likes your photo or a short video, they like it and if you have more of them they follow you. There are no confusing dashboards like on Facebook and no set of 1000 rules like Tumblr.

The only problem is that all of it had to be done with a mobile app. Which is a big turn off for most online marketers or people that just want to make some money online.  After all, who wants to spend hours a days to just manage 1 or two Instagram account.

However, Instamate changes this dramatically and makes it possible to upload and post directly from your computer. Not only that but it actually find the most viral content for you, and gives you the ability to schedule posting so you don’t have to.

Here’s a live demo of it in action.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Instamate below now. Before it goes to $97 per month.

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Viral AutoBots Review

Unlimited real likes, shares and traffic from Facebook for free? See how Viral AutoBots by Luke Maguire automates your fan pages to make them go viral in hours. Read on for the full review on click below for the official website.

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So What is Viral Auto Bots?

aviral autobotsIn short, it is a legit way to get tons of targeted traffic to your FB page, website or affiliate promotion without spending a dime on paid traffic.  It works by automatically posting niche related content on your Facebook page, which you can create for free, that is already going viral.

Facebook + Viral Autobots

With Viral Autobots you can go search content that is already going viral in any niche on FB fan pages.  For example let’s say your niche is Guitars. To find images or videos that are going viral you would simply go to Page finder and type in “Guitar,” a as you can see below.

viral step 1

Once the web based software generates the pages you should choose a one with the most likes and people talking about. As you can see Guitar Hero has over 9.7 million like but only 13,983 people are talking about. On the other hand Guitar World has 1.6 million likes and 672,689 engaged users. Now all you have to do is click discover and look at the actual posts.

viral 2As you can see the first picture has 97,407 likes in 12 days while the 52,461 in just 5. Imagine the engagement you could get from an posts like that if you had a fan page about guitars?

Even getting only 1% of the likes these two generated would mean 1,498 likes for free in  less than two weeks. Now multiple that by 10 fan pages and we’re talking a 15k like for free.

That kind of engagement will not only improve your brand awareness, give you all the social proof you need, sky-rocket your website, but also make you a full time 6 figure income online.

Let’s see how much likes and fans really worth?

Facebook_like_thumbI decided to do some researching to find out. Now according to different sources most business spend around $1 to $2 to acquire a fan. For some brick and mortar or local business that number can be lower but most are above $1.

With that figure you would have to pay $1,500 to $3,000 to get those 1,500 likes you could easily get with Viral Auto bots for free. Not bad for something that just takes few minutes of work

So we the cost to acquire a fan is roughly $1, bit how much is a fan really worth?? According to various sources on average a Facebook fan is valuated at around $150 to a company or simply $0.10 per month.  Now while 10 cents might not seem like much, getting 10k or even 100k fans is not that hard once you have Viral Auto Bots. In fact, a Fanpage with 10,000 fans will yield about $1,000 in commissions per month.  Multiple that by 10 pages and you have a income that is 5 figures per month and 6 figures per year.

After being online for over 3 years I can honestly say that Viral Autobots is the easiest 5 figure per month you can make right now. So grab it now before the prices goes up to $97 per month.

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Social AutoBots Review

Can Social Auto Bots by Luke Maguire really bring you unlimited about of traffic and commissions? I put to it to the test and the results will shock you.

Product: Social Autobots
Creator: Luke Maguire
Niche: Social Marketing
Official Site:

Unlimited Social Media Traffic?!

We all keep hearing how social media is the newest and greatest platform for marketers. How it is the future of doing business online. Is it, or is it just hype?

If you asked me that a year ago I would have told you it was all hype. Just a new shiny object for marketers to play with, or worse sell.

However, once I actually saw the true potential of social media I was floored. Everything I thought I knew about online business just got shattered.

You see until that moment I always saw social media marketing as asking, more like bothering or begging, people to buy a product you promote. You know those pesky people that keep messaging with fake profiles saying how the newest supplement let them lose gazillion pounds in hours?

Not only will Facebook or any other social media ban your account quicker than you think, it also not a profitable way to earn and just a lousy way to do business.

The only way to make any real money with social media is to have people come to you and not you to them. This is true in any online business but in social media it is key.

You see nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy.  That is why if you spam people with offers no one buys, but if you let them come to you before they see an offer the results are amazing.

Now that you have all that traffic I recommend checking out Niche Profit Full Control for more details.

What does Social Auto Bots have to do with all of this?

The best and free way to get people to where you want them to go is by being in the same place as them. This basically means interacting and commenting in places where the selected group hangout, like a fan page.

Unfortunately this is either time consuming or expensive. After all, you have look through all the groups, filter the ones in your market and so on or pay someone to do it for you.  In all honestly it is still worth doing because the results are great, but who has the time for all of it?

That is why I was really excited to hear about Social Auto Bots. I thought if it could do at least 25% of what I’m doing it will allow me to do 4 times as much. What I didn’t know at the time is that Social Autobots will end up doing almost 90% what I’m doing.

In fact, social autobots is already profitable, just check out what I’ve made on a brand new account.

not too shabby for almost not work. Click Here to check it out yourself.

So How Does It Work?

Is if fairly simple and the training videos do a great job of explaining.

Just take a look what Luke Maguire does in 60 seconds with the Social AutoBots.

Recap of Social Auto Bots Review

So basically the SAB is a simple yet power software that let’s you automate around 90% of the work on Facebook and Instagram to be profitable fast.

This allows you to not only make more commissions but focus on more markets in less time, or do whatever you like.

Now for a limited time only I’m willing to give out my favorite markets and niches as a social autobots bonus to anyone that gets it through any of the links on this page.  so don’t hesitate and get started with this today.

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