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Product: LIVE LEAP
Creators: Luke MaGuire and Anthony Morrison
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facebook liveWhy Facebook Live Leap?

Everyone knows that video is one of the best way of grabbing attention of a visitor or a lead, especially when it is live. Just look at the popularity of live stream, hangouts and webinars in the internet marketing space.

However, there is a huge problem most of the live streaming methods out there. They are either too technical, or too formal. Take for example a YouTube live stream or even a hangout, these things take ages to set up and lack spontaneity.

So while their are plenty of Live Stream sites and apps, FB LIVE takes it to the next level if you’re going to use it for marketing. You see, Facebook is already most popular social network for marketers, advertisers and publishers.

It has all people from all walks of life coming together in one place. Unlike Snapchat and Instagram which is dominated by the under 25 crowd. That is why with FB live you will be able to reach more people you could turn to fans, subscribers, leads or even buyers than on any other live stream site.

However, the live feature on FB is still very limited at the time. After all, it was created for people to record and share simple video messages. This is where liveleap changes everything

Liveleap: FB LIVE on Steroids

liveleapWhat if I told you, that you could supercharge FB Live by going live in multiple groups, on multiple profiles and Fan Pages at the same time? How about going live on other social networks like twitter and email as well as txt notifications?

Live Leap does all of that with a just few clicks of the mouse. So you can see how Liveleap changes FB feature to share live videos into a marketer’s dream. Just imagine going live on dozens of places at once. Do you see the true potential on this?

Best part is that it is all live and both the internet and TV showed us that anything that is live will draw crowds. So even if you just do a short 2 minute video blog post or a product you’re promoting using live leap it will attract tons of targeted traffic for free. Marketing and make sales doesn’t get easier than this.

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