OctoSuite Review – Swiss Army Knife of Social Marketing?

Why do you need OctoSuite? If you doing any kind of social marketing, especially Facebook, than you need to read thsi review. If you’re not, than you really need to to read it.

Creator: Luke MaGuire
Official Site: octosuite.comDiscount Code: Coming soon

Next Level of Social Marketing: OctoSuite Review

octosuiteSocial Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular and profitable ways to earn online. Which is not suprising considering everyone and their mom (or grandma) in on social media these days. Add the fact that it is really inexpensive or mostly free to get started and you have recipe for success.

So why isn’t everyone doing social marketing?

It takes a lot of time and effort to run a successful social campaign. So you would either have to spend hours in fornt of your computer or hire a social media manager (yes, it is a job) to do if for you. Most people don’t have resource to do either one.

Next best thing? Software, and I’ll be honest there are some good software out there that help you automate and manage social media. I personally have used around 20 or so to do just that. Which brings me to another problem of spending thousands of dollars on software that you need to learn to use.

However, if you’re still reading this I got some good news. Luke Maguire, the guy that already created 4 great social marketing software I use, had the same problem. So what did he do? Instead of creating a new software every few months he decided to take all that he knows and create OctoSuite, a software that does it all.

Here is just a few things it does:

  • Mass fan page and FB group discover suite that allows you to find and join
  • Find trending content you can use in any niche and on any site
  • 1 click post to from your profile to 1 or as may pages or groups you want
  • Using drip fed content with OctoSuite is simple and effective
  • You can even sync your feed to external social networks with an upgrade.

Just check it out in action here

Start Making Money Today?

The beauty of OctoSuite and Social Marketing is that you don’t need months or weeks to start earning real commissions like with other strategues. Social media is all about being in the now moment and Octo Suite lets you leverage that the same day you get it.


Simple, use octosuite to find content (image or video works best) related to what you’re promoting. For example one of the best thing is to grab a picture of celebrity using an item or something similar you want to promote. What to promote? A thing that worked for me (don’t steal it) is a Baby Bjorn Carrier.

If you type into “Baby Bjorn Carrier celebrities” you’ll A-listers like Beyonce, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Garner all used them.

baby bjorn

Now posting these across groups with soon to be parents or once that already have newborns will get you instant clicks. Or you can take it a step further and promote “email submit offers” for free gift cards they can use to buy Baby Bjorn.

Want More? OctoSuite Bonus

The campaign above is just one of the things that work really well on social media.The problem I always had is that before I had octo suite it took way too much time and effort to get started. Now that part is done for you.

So would you like to get my 10 top social marketing campaigns ideas that you can use OctoSuite to start earning as soon as today. Now you can! All you have to do is click the link below to get Octosuite to get that sweet bonus.

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