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Unlimited real likes, shares and traffic from Facebook for free? See how Viral AutoBots by Luke Maguire automates your fan pages to make them go viral in hours. Read on for the full review on click below for the official website.

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So What is Viral Auto Bots?

aviral autobotsIn short, it is a legit way to get tons of targeted traffic to your FB page, website or affiliate promotion without spending a dime on paid traffic.  It works by automatically posting niche related content on your Facebook page, which you can create for free, that is already going viral.

Facebook + Viral Autobots

With Viral Autobots you can go search content that is already going viral in any niche on FB fan pages.  For example let’s say your niche is Guitars. To find images or videos that are going viral you would simply go to Page finder and type in “Guitar,” a as you can see below.

viral step 1

Once the web based software generates the pages you should choose a one with the most likes and people talking about. As you can see Guitar Hero has over 9.7 million like but only 13,983 people are talking about. On the other hand Guitar World has 1.6 million likes and 672,689 engaged users. Now all you have to do is click discover and look at the actual posts.

viral 2As you can see the first picture has 97,407 likes in 12 days while the 52,461 in just 5. Imagine the engagement you could get from an posts like that if you had a fan page about guitars?

Even getting only 1% of the likes these two generated would mean 1,498 likes for free in  less than two weeks. Now multiple that by 10 fan pages and we’re talking a 15k like for free.

That kind of engagement will not only improve your brand awareness, give you all the social proof you need, sky-rocket your website, but also make you a full time 6 figure income online.

Let’s see how much likes and fans really worth?

Facebook_like_thumbI decided to do some researching to find out. Now according to different sources most business spend around $1 to $2 to acquire a fan. For some brick and mortar or local business that number can be lower but most are above $1.

With that figure you would have to pay $1,500 to $3,000 to get those 1,500 likes you could easily get with Viral Auto bots for free. Not bad for something that just takes few minutes of work

So we the cost to acquire a fan is roughly $1, bit how much is a fan really worth?? According to various sources on average a Facebook fan is valuated at around $150 to a company or simply $0.10 per month.  Now while 10 cents might not seem like much, getting 10k or even 100k fans is not that hard once you have Viral Auto Bots. In fact, a Fanpage with 10,000 fans will yield about $1,000 in commissions per month.  Multiple that by 10 pages and you have a income that is 5 figures per month and 6 figures per year.

After being online for over 3 years I can honestly say that Viral Autobots is the easiest 5 figure per month you can make right now. So grab it now before the prices goes up to $97 per month.

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